Cross Country Skiing in McBride at Belle Mountain

Are you thinking of relocating to the Robson Valley? Looking for Things to do?

One of my favourite winter activities in the Robson Valley is cross country skiing. There are several options for cross country skiing in the Valley. In Valemount you'll find Camp Creek  and Jackman Flats, but my personal favourite is Belle Mountain  The Yellowhead Ski Club does an amazing job of maintaining approximately 30km of trails. There are options for all ages inlcuding a 1.2km Jack Rabbit Loop for the little ones. Our children who are 5 and 6, enjoy racing along this trail and it has a few fun hills! You can also do the 5km loop, which is a great lunchtime break ski! There is also a 10km loop for a good afternoon trek.

You will find an "A" frame cabin at the trail head which has a fire place and is great for an after- ski hot chocolate! Light the fire before you head out and come back to a toasty warm cabin! 

You can also ski to the Pine Lake Cabin which you can  book for overnight stays! 

It's possible to book a 10 person ski-in cabin in winter by calling 250-569-3362.

Contact the Club at

Map of Trails 

More info on McBride Winter Activities 

More Info on Valemount Activities


Kinney Lake Trail Open until March 31st
I posted a few days ago asking if anyone knew if the Kinney Lake trail was open? Well, here it is! We went up yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous. No snowshoes needed. There is a good packed trail, the main hill on the way back was a bit slick after the sun hit it all day, but otherwise the trail is an easy walk for all ages. The trail will be closed as of April 1st, so get out there. I recommend being at the trail head by 11am, otherwise you won't have any sun at the lake when you get there. 
Katharina McNaughton Real Estate Agent hiking Kinney Lake Trail
Beautiful forest up the Kinney Lake TrailLooking up in awe at the beautiful tree on Kinney Lake Trail

Farm for Sale in McBride

This is one of the most beautiful properties in the Rosbon Valley.

Why do I think that? 165 acres centrally located in the valley, with amazing sun exposure the Rocky Mountains on one side and the Cariboo Mountains on the other. Cultivated, fenced, cross fenced, fertile farm land, trees, views, barns, outbuildings, historical "teachery" cabin and river frontage, amazing wildlife.  That about sums it up. It has everything. 

It really speaks to me though, because it has not just one, but three of my favourite views in the entire valley.  First, you can see right into the Raush Valley- if you have seen that view, you know what I am taking about. Two, you can also see the entrance to the Castle Creek drainage ( or the Cottonwood as the locals call it) and lastly, on the opposite side of the valley you have unobstructed views of Beaver Mountain.  Absolutely, breathtaking panoramic views. 

Large barn with developed main level, including stables, workshop, milking area for two cows with head stalls. Large open loft. Machine sheds, storage sheds, large greenhouse. Currently maintaned and operated as a cattle farm. Water licenses includes for up to 200 pair cattle. 

The house is an older, modest, 2,400 sq.ft. rancher/bungalow,4 bedroom, 2 bath plus office, partially finished basement.

If you are thinking about relocating to the Robson Valley, this is the dream. 

Get more info here or give me a call. 3255 JECK ROAD in McBride: House for sale : MLS®# R2751434 (


Isn't my house worth more??

In the last year, I have been fortunate enough that the average sales price for a home in McBride, Dunster or Valemount has gone up and so when I have done comparartive market analysis' for a home, it's often been higher than what the Seller thought it would go for. However, that was not always the case and the market is changing again... it's always important to be realistic about the value of your home. 

It’s only natural to want your home to sell for the highest possible price, but sometimes our own memories and emotions attached to the property can skew our perception of its true value. Your REALTOR® follows a set of criteria to price your home, such as local market conditions, location, size and layout, age and condition of the home, special features, etc. Emotional attachments aren’t part of the process.

“[Buyers] aren’t willing to pay more because you restructured your mortgage, installed that fancy backsplash they know they’ll replace later, or because your little one took their first steps near the kitchen counter,” Cantera points out. “Instead, they’re willing to pay for a home that suits their needs and can make their own.

“The most important thing is to make sure your home sells, which means leaning on your REALTOR®’s experience and objectivity to ensure you hit the market in a way that immediately attracts buyers ready to invest in the value of the property rather than buyers who’re coming to check out your design feature before buying two doors down. Ultimately, everyone’s goal is to ensure you’re comfortable with the final sale price and that it reflects the value of your home, so remember, pricing to sell rather than to satisfy a personal sentiment will create a much smoother transition into the next chapter of your story.”

8 Questions REALTORS® Are Asked All the Time - Blog


Is the Kinney Lake Trail Open?

Wow! The sun is shining and the sky is so blue! It is making me think I need to get out and hit the trails. I always try to make it to Kinney Lake once in the winter. So I was wondering if the trail is open?? Please comment below if you have been in the last few weeks. 

This is from BC Parks:

During 2021’s extreme heat and rainfall, the Berg Lake Trail was seriously flood damaged. Many parts are dangerous or impassable. During the winter, these parts are covered by snow and can be used by visitors with backcountry experience.

As the snow melts, the trail will once again become too dangerous for public use. The entire trail will be closed from April 1 to June 26, 2023, for parking lot paving and trail construction.

The trail to Kinney Lake Campground will reopen on June 27, 2023, for day-hikes and overnight stays. On June 27, 18 tent pads will open at the campground. This is 7km from the parking lot and can only be accessed on foot.

Starting February 27, you can reserve a campsite four months in advance of your desired arrival at Kinney Lake Campground. The sites will remain open until September 30, 2023.

The six other backcountry campgrounds on the trail will remain closed throughout 2023. BC Parks is continuing to rebuild the upper portions of the Berg Lake Trail.  Check back here for updates.

So does that mean it is currently open until March 31st? 

Comment below. 


What is happening with housing prices in the Spring??

I wish I had a crystal ball!!! 

 "According to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) latest quarterly forecast, national average home prices are forecast to decline 5.9% on an annual basis in 2023 to $662,103. That said, the important thing to note here is based on the monthly data under the surface, that decline has already mostly happened over the course 2022. The reason the 2022 annual number is so much higher than the 2023 number has more to do with the short-lived sky-high peaks from a year ago.

CREA also notes home prices remain mixed in markets across Canada. In some markets in Ontario and British Columbia, significantly higher borrowing costs have noticeably cooled prices from their 2022 peaks. However, prices have been holding up much better in parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador. Quebec and the Maritime provinces fall somewhere between the two. So, what happens to home prices can depend largely on where you live in the country. When rates go up the way they have over the last year, the biggest regional factor is how expensive real estate is in different parts of the country.

It will also depend on the Bank of Canada’s efforts to control inflation and how Canadians react to it. At this point the Bank has promised rate increases will be on hold, but rates are still high, which could keep buyers and sellers on the sidelines. The sooner rates start to wind back down, the sooner housing market activity will likely start to pick back up."

Let's look at the Robson Valley... that includes Dome Creek, Crescent Spur, McBride, Dunster and Valemount...this information is based on Average market statistics from the last 12 months- February to February. 

Average days a listing is on the market:  73 days

Original Listing Price on a Percentage of Sales Price: 93.2%

Average list price per square foot: $250- which is an increase of 19%

Dome Creek $190

McBride Town $188

McBride Rural $242 

Dunster $281

Valemount Town $224

Valemount Rural $458

The Average Sales Price: $436,851- an increase of 22%

Dome Creek $455,000

McBride Town $337,577(+33%)

McBride Rural $497,000

Dunster $450,000

Valemount Town $400,643

Valemount Rural $754,000


Upcoming Events in the Robson Valley

Are you looking for something to do or somewhere to meet new people? Whether you are old or new to the Robson Valley, the Dunster Schoolhouse is always a happening place and a good place to meet new friends!!

Upcoming events include:

  • Seedy Saturday- this Saturday March 11th from 10am- 3pm ( doors open at 9:00am) at the Dunster Schoolhouse.  Gardening advice, seed library, vendors, bee display, gardening books, and much more! Seedy Saturday Poster
  • Live Auction on March 25th at the Dunster Schoolhouse
  • Coming in the long time standing May Mother's Day yard sale and 8x8 Art Auction

Valemount Upcoming:

  • WED MAR 29 from 12-2pm Seniors Painting Workshop with Leaha seniors are invited to come along and get creative at RVCS (99 Gorse St) All materials provided and registration is required by March 15th. 250-566-9107/
  • THURs MAR 9 & 23rd Tech Support Bring your devices & tech related questions for some one-to-one assistance from 1:30-3pm at RVCS (99 Gorse St) Registration Not Required.
McBride Upcoming:
  • MONs MAR 7, 14, 21 & 28 seniors are invited to Dance Exercise with Jodie at the Beaverview Lodge (1084 5th Ave). Drop in and try out some seated dance moves and exercises each week. No registration required. In partnership with RVCS. Call Jodie for more info: 250-230-8035.
  • Sat. MAR 25 McBride Farmers Institute Banquet with guest speaker Vanesse Foord, M.Sc. P.Ag. Research Climatologist. Location is the McBride Community Centre 441 Columbia St. 2pm Check out the display booths, 5pm Meet and Greet, 6pm Dinner. Tickets can be purchased at Horseshoe Lake Ventures and Welcome Home. $25 per adult, and $1/year for children. Children 0-3 are free. Silent auction, door prizes, product booths and more.

Working on your outside space?

It's that time of year! Outside spaces: painting, staining what's best? What kind of wood should you use? 

Check out this helpful article on the pros and cons of paint vs stain. 

Painting or Staining? Your Guide to Deck Revitalization - Blog

Did you know that if you are looking for cedar or fir decking or paneling there is a local company that manufactures everything that you need for your outdoor project? BRKH Custom Woodworks , located in McBride manufactures decking, paneling, siding and so much more. You can check them out here  Locally manufactured value added wood products, from trees harvested right here in the Robson Valley! You can feel good about that! Available in McBride, Valemount, Dunster etc. 


People always ask me " What's happening with the market in McBride or what's happening with the market in Valemount. Is it as crazy as everywhere else in BC?" 

So here are the statistics 

McBride and the Robson Valley Average Sales Prices in the last year. 

Valemount and the Robson Valley Average Sales price in the last year 

These statistics come from the Northern BC Real Estate Board. They show an 119% increase in average sales prices in the Robson Valley. An average sales price increase of 236.3% increase in McBride-town and a 180.7 average sale price in Valemount-town. 


Are you ready to buy a home?

It is the start of the selling season in the Robson Valley and and properties are coming up for sale in McBride, Dunster and Valemount, but are you ready to buy? In our current market, properties are selling fast; here is some information to help you get started. 

Have you been pre-approved? Being preapproved will greatly increase your success of purchasing a home and will give you a realistic idea of how much you can afford. 

Do you have a down payment? You will need a minimum of 5% of the purchase price as a down payment. If you have less than 20% down you will require mortgage default insurance. 

What is your credit rating? How is your credit? You will require a minimum credit score of 650.

What will lenders require to determine your mortgage affordability? 

  1. Proof of income: pay stubs, letter from employer, NOA's 
  2. Credit score/history
  3. List of your debt payments
  4. Assets/ Liabilities
Lenders will use 2 main calculations to determine how much you can borrow. They are called the gross debt service ratio GDS and the total debt service ratio TDSR. The GDSR is a percentage of your gross monthly income used for mortgage payments, heating and taxes. TDSR is the percentage of your monthly income used to cover your housing costs plus all of your other payments. 
Use this calculator to determine how much you can afford and make an appointment with your bank to be preapproved. 

Why are you in Real Estate? ... Introduction to Kat

Hi! I'm Kat! Hmmm... A little bit about me?

I live in Dunster BC, I am originally from Europe.

My background is in business, marketing and photography. 

I am married - to my soulmate and I'm not just saying that. Nope, it's the real deal. He baked me a pie: lemon merengue pie from scratch to convince me to go on a date, which started with fishing and ended with dancing. What more could a girl ask for? 

We have two strong, smart, beautiful, amazing girls that keep us on our toes.  So much love.

I am committed to hard work and helping you accomplish your goals.  Some might call me stubborn; I prefer "determined and goal oriented."

So if you've read this far, here is why I am in Real Estate now

Why Real Estate? All roads lead here... let me explain. I am at a place in my life where I feel really connected to the community, both through my children and family, but also through different work and volunteer experiences. I believe that I have a lot I can offer to help you accomplish your goals when it comes to buying and selling your home. 

During the last 10-15 years I have gained valuable expertise in many fields, which directly correlate to selling and purchasing property. I have worked as a mortgage lender for several years, as such, I know the ins and outs of mortgage financing. I have worked in the building construction industry, as well as, the building inspection office; the experience I gained will be help you determine which home is right for you. In addition, I LOVE a good reno. 

My education and experience is in business and marketing, this will play an integral role in the marketing and selling of your home. Since, 2007 I have owned and managed a  photography and marketing business. This has allowed me the opportunity to photograph many families for a variety of milestones, as well as, photograph properties and create virtual tours for real estate listings.  My diploma in professional photography, connections and networking will be an asset when it comes to selling your home.  

I am committed to hard work and to helping you achieve your real estate goals. 

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